Astrup Fearnley Collection

05. Dec. 2023 – 30. Dec. 2024


The collection does not concentrate on specific eras, styles or groups, but reflects an in-depth attention to the work of a wide variety of artists. The museum maintains the vibrancy of the collection by regularly rehanging the exhibitions, placing the works in new constellations and contexts. The presentation on show focuses on a range of practices, often including several works by individual artists, in order to highlight the breadth and depth of the collection. Well-known artworks are juxtaposed with newly purchased pieces that have never been exhibited before. Not selected according to an overall theme, the different works generate a dialogue through their interplay with one other. This exhibition presents a multitude of topics and concepts that may inspire new directions of exploration. The artworks encourage us to examine complex issues and meditate on questions of aesthetics and politics, of identity, sexuality and violence, and of loss, faith and belonging.

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