18.NOV.2023 - 11.FEB.2024



In November 2023, the Museo Jumex will celebrate its 10th anniversary.  To commemorate this important milestone the museum has invited Lisa Phillips, the Director of the New Museum in New York, to curate an exhibition from our collection occupying the entire building. 

Featuring works by some 65 international artists, Everything Gets Lighter is a thematic exploration in keeping with the times.  The exhibition considers the healing power of light and lightness as an antidote to the forces of darkness and heaviness that envelop us today.  The title is inspired by the poem from the late John Giorno, Everyone Gets Lighter, makes clear, life is transitory and ultimately immaterial. Light and lightness are powerful elemental forces of spiritual transcendence, clarity, renewal and rebirth.  

The exhibition brings together diverse works from the Colección Jumex in a poetic meditation on the meaning of light and manifestations of lightness. Artists have shaped our view of what it might mean to “get lighter” by experimenting with illumination and weightlessness, immateriality, and humor, as well as unburdening ourselves from negative forces like accumulation and waste. “Reduce- reuse- recycle” has become a new kind of mantra.

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