The exhibition is produced by MARCO together with CIAC, a collection listed as one of the best contemporary art internationally. The curatorship of Magnolia de la Garza, director of the collection, proposes that the space and the plant elements of the garden be contemplated through artistic representations in different media, from photography and painting to installation and intervened objects. The approach takes up the spirit of the garden, where human beings and societies have lived together and enjoyed reflection, play, recreation and contemplation.

In the garden

The curatorial concept of the exhibition is based on philosophy, specifically with the term heterotopia, coined by the Frenchman Michel Foucault, which refers to places with specific functions, but that allow points of rupture with respect to established social norms. Two key examples of this type of space are the museum and the garden, as both represent cultural and power aspects, they also offer a space for reflection.

With a museography designed by the architectural studio LANZA Atelier, the exhibition proposes a garden where the plant world is replaced by a series of artistic representations, from installation to sculpture and photography, maintaining the character of a relational space that distinguishes both the museum and the garden. . The works range from flowers scattered on the floor that appear natural, but are actually replicas that make up the installation Graft, by the Puerto Rican duet Allora & Calzadilla, to works in text, such as B/Order, a neon sign that plays with words in English border and order, by South African Kendell Geers.

This is the third collaboration between MARCO and CIAC. In 2011, the Museum exhibited Blockbuster: Cinema for Exhibitions, with film and video works, a recurring practice of 2019th century artists, and in XNUMX the venue housed Punto de Starting, which delved into the idea of ​​mestizo thought to show a reading of international contemporary art.

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