Isabelle Andriessen, Lithic Alliance, Vanessa Billy, Dora Budor, Liisa Hirsch, Edith Karlsen, P Staff, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Anna Skodenko, Anu Pennanen, Ingel Vaikla, Barbezat Villetard

The exhibition "fugacity” reflects on the uncertain future of a monumental Soviet concrete structure as an analogy of a common undefined future of our impermanent planet and explores how generational memory and liminal public spaces are intertwined. Fugacity is the quality of impermanence. In thermodynamics, the term stands for a substance's propensity to escape from one environment to another. Fleeting, escaping to find an equilibrium. As a reconciliation site of personal histories and a colonialist past,  the monumental Soviet building in Tallinn, Estonia - Linnahall or Tallinn City Hall - offers a platform to re-examine the possible ways of transitioning between our past, present and possible common future as well as ways of co-existing with one another and in/with our natural and built environment.

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