In Bloom

05.04.2022 - 23.04.2022


Experimenting with the gallery’s single-work
curatorial format, this exhibition is a 21-day
sequence of artworks, presented as a new pairing
each day. Like the chinks in a daisy chain, 21
artworks by 21 artists will bloom on the walls
and within the gallery space one after the other,
all connected by the same theme – the
representation of nature, and more specifically
flowers and skies.

Begun as an investigation into the
representation of flowers in the baroque era and
its current relevance, the breadth and wealth of
representations of floral arrangements by artists
of all generations and across mediums prompted
us to expand the exhibition’s scope.

In Bloom is a fast paced, compelling and
thorough experimentation on modes of display
within the gallery’s Pièce Unique curatorial
framework. Opening with the minutia of
17th Century Mario Nuzzi’s quasi scientific
representation of flowers in dialogue with an
almost naïve ink on rice paperwork by late
Matthew Wong, the exhibition explores the
unsuspected connections that arise from the
artists’ shared fascination with the simplicity of

From Yoko Ono’s quasi performative live video
stream of the sky to Jean-Marie Appriou’s
bronze sculptural compositions, or American
painter Parker Ito’s hyper-realistic printed oil
paintings to Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri…
In Bloom is the third chapter in the gallery’s
investigative exhibitions, which began in 2021
with Omaggio a Lucio Amelio, followed by
Portraiture One Century Apart, presented
simultaneously in London, Milan and Paris.

From April 7th – 10th, the exhibition will expand
beyond the gallery walls to ArtParis,
where MASSIMODECARLO will present a
collective show drawing on the same principles
and inspirations as In Bloom.


Mario Nuzzi (1603-1673)
Antonio Donghi (1897-1963)
Etel Adnan (1925 – 2021)
Yoko Ono (b. 1933)
Alighiero Boetti (1940 – 1994)
Judith Linhares (b.1940)
Luigi Ghirri (1943 – 1992)
Luigi Ontani (b.1943)
Dennis Kardon (b.1950)
Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957 – 1996)
Jim Hodges (b.1957)
Yan Pei- Ming (b.1960)
Gelitin (1966, 1967, 1970, 1971)
John McAllister (b. 1973)
Nate Lowman (b.1979)
Skyler Chen (b.1982)
Matthew Wong (1984 – 2019)
Jean-Marie Appriou (b.1986)
Parker Ito (b.1986)
Dominique Fung (b.1987)
Lenz Geerk (b.1988)


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