Monika Baer / Gerry Bibby / Juliette Blightman / Jenny Borland / John Boskovich / Bjorn Copeland / Homosexuals Anonymous, Cruise Or Be Cruised / Owen Fu / Félix González-Torres with Julie Ault / Michelle Handelman / Rachel Harrison / William E. Jones / Terence Koh / Duane Michals / Shahryar Nashat / Senam Okudzeto with Peter Handschin / Henrik Olesen / Pruitt-Early / Ben Rivera / Amanda Ross-Ho / Dean Sameshima / Jacolby Satterwhite / Agathe Snow / Tobias Spichtig / Adam Stamp / Brad Urman / Mark Verabioff / Hannah Weinberger / Bobbi Woods 


The exhibition, Pathologically Social, unfolds over time and across platforms. The sneak peek launched on Gallery Platform:LA is really only the trailer for the larger picture. O-Town House is open (by appointment) with artworks waiting with bated breath for brave visitors, but the show expands and flexes further - here, on this very website.

Here, even more awaits the curious gallery-goer. Pathologically Social spills out from the confines of the brick-and-mortar gallery onto these pages. The adventurous viewer can slip into THE DARKROOM and feel their way around through the exhibition’s video program.

Pathologically Social embodies a dynamic and often mutable gathering (or party?) where a motley gang of personalities co-mingle with the late arrivals and unexpected guests. Pathologically Social is an event, in the words of John Boskovich, “where drama flourishes abundantly!”

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