Felix Gonzales-Torres is the second artist in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's 1989 changing installation program in Soho's Petrosino Park. His artwork, "Quatrenium" will be on view at the small park bounded by Lafayette, Kenmare and Cleveland Streets from June 12th through September 12th. 

Political confrontation is a consistent element in Gonzales-Torres' work. His initial concept of a white flag flying from a flag pole at the site was deemed not feasible by the City agency, under whose jurisdiction the site comes. For Gonzales-Torres' initial foray into the realm of civic art, the experience of having a piece refused became the impetus for his subsequent work. On "Quatrenium", a new work comprised of four metal sheets affixed to the gates on either side of the park, resembling blank black boards. Felix Gonzales-Torres makes the following statement: 

"Four blank empty spaces.
Politicans get elected or appointed usually for a four year period. Some turn out to be corrupt bureaucrats working on behalf of some established economic interest. 
The City of New York is getting ready to elect more politicians for another four year term. When I walk down the street looking at some homeless person scavenging the garbage I wonder when the landlords got elected. 
I wonder if New York will tolerate four more years."

Felix Gonzales-Torres is a graduate of Pratt Institute and the Whitney Museum of American Art/ Independent Study Program. 

The ongoing art program at Petrosino Park is made possible with support from the New York State Council on the Arts, the Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Other programs of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council are supported by the Downtown business community and the NEA. 

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