Organised and curated by Liverpool based artists Godfrey Burke and Alan Dunn, this project will present thirteen new, digitally reproduced and hand-crafted 48-sheet billboard artworks, for between 2 and 4 weeks.

In response to the specific location, a number of artworks will engage with Liverpool's architecture, social structure and local communities. Generated from a range of international communities, other artists' works create spaces that register displacement. 

Pavel Büchler, Research Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, was invited to produce the first work for Liverpool. His work ("SORRY") will appear on Panel 2907-01 (Park Road by Dombey Street, Liverpool) as from Tuesday 4th May. Recent projects include Red Flag (public artwork, Manchester 1997), Ghost Stories (Stray Thoughts on Photography and Film, published by proboscis, 1999) and Stunt (HKS Gallery, Bergen 1999). Pavel was also invited to curate a simultaneous presentation in Manchester and his selection, Norwegian artist Kurt Johannessen, will present "composer'' on Panel 1051 (Grosvenor Street, Manchester). Based in Bergen, Kurt studied at The Slade between 1988-89 and has exhibited widely throughout Scandinavia. 

On the left-hand panel of the Park Road site, Liverpool based artist Sue Leask will present a vibrant con­structed panel which absorbs colour elements from the neighbouring Toxteth Tabernacle Church. On the right-hand panel, Langlands & Bell will present a new printed work looking specifically at Park Road's role as one of the main routes out to Liverpool Airport. 

Liverpool based community art group Artskills will hand-paint a new work with local young people, looking at the history of the building on which the Park Road billboard panel now sits. Elsewhere in the city, Fiona Banner has been invited to produce a new posterwork. 

The Liverpool Billboard Project has arranged to produce and display the late Felix Gonzalez-Torres' 
"Untitled" posterwork ten years after it was seen for the first and only occasion in New York's Sheridan Square. Project organiser Alan Dunn will collaborate with Dusseldorf-based artist/commissioner/publisher Kirsten Klockner on a new hand-painted design which is being developed via e-mail correspondence. 

Artskills return to the project in September with a new work and Willie Doherty returns to Liverpool follow­ing his recent Tate Gallery exhibition with a newly commissioned posterwork. 

September - October 
Working in conjunction with the first Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, the Project will present three new posterworks by Cologne based artist Peter Zimmerman, Paris based artist Pierre Huyghe and Austrian artist Erwin Wurm.

supported by: Art Laboratory UK (Liverpool), North West Arts Board, Arts Council of England, The Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, Maiden Outdoor, Mills & Allen, Scanachrome International  

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