Under the curatorial theme of "Flowers of Time," ACK will be exhibiting at the ICC Kyoto and the Hongwanji Dendoin.

Satellite Program Flowers of Time

The “Flowers of Time” exhibition, a Satellite Program curated by ACK Program Director Yukako Yamashita, will take place at Hongwanji Dendoin. The exhibition explores the concept of “time,” which we all have in equal measure, through an eclectic range of works by world-renowned and emerging artists.

The exhibition introduces a wide range of works related to time, starting with works that evoke a universal concept of time, through to works exploring “memory” as something experienced individually, to “history” representing cultural phenomenon, as well as “traces” of time held by objects. By considering time not only in the usual manner as something relative, but also as something infinite that is beyond comprehensive, yet something finite that is within each of us, the exhibition asks how we can respect one another and coexist in the time – limited and impartial – we are living today.

The venue, Hongwanji Dendoin, is an important cultural property built in 1912 to the design of Tokyo Imperial University professor, Chuta Ito. Not normally open to the public, it is a unique building that incorporates various architectural styles, including brick walls based on British architecture and an Islam-inspired dome.

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