Scale : Sculpture (1945-2000)

From March 31, 2023 to July 2, 2023

In 1981, the Juan March Foundation presented the exhibition titled Half a Century of Sculpture (1900-1945). This exhibition, focused on the history of contemporary sculpture from the idea of ​​scale, expands that in time and space.

The scale, which is not reduced ‒ never better said ‒ to the minimized or enlarged size of the objects, has been and is so crucial for the development of sculpture that it lends itself to presenting contemporary sculptural practices from it. Thus, the exhibition begins with a reflection on the effects of the Second World War on a series of artists and on their conception of the sculptural space as a refuge; immediately afterwards, he develops the different meanings of the idea of ​​scale ‒ measure, progression, proportion ‒ to show that this is the device and resource that has allowed the development of new ways of making and thinking about sculpture in the second half of the century. xx.

Echoing some of the most relevant changes that have arisen in this medium ‒ the expansion of its traditional field, with the abandonment of the museum and the exhibition space, the connection with the installation, the loss of the pedestal or the proximity to performance ‒The exhibition expands beyond the exhibition hall, occupying other spaces inside the building,  the exterior gardens and the surrounding streets, and operates as a lens through which to show how the scale expanded the limits of sculpture.

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